Fortifia is a diversified company with an extensive investment portfolio of successful businesses that operate in Brazil, Europe and in the USA.

We are a gateway for companies wanting to enter the Brazilian market, we venture into businesses across all types of industries and at any stage within their business cycle. Set in a leading consumer market and a popular tourist destination, we have geared our current efforts towards expansion, with a strong focus on real estate, logistics and consumer goods.

Our focus is on maximising each business opportunity and creating mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies and entrepreneurs, both in Brazil and around the world. We work with our partners to create long-term business relationships, utilising our expertise, professionalism and diverse network.

At Fortifia, we areĀ focused on a dynamic and decisive approach to investment. We operate a straightforward and effective business model and our strong and dynamic team of local and international business professionals are highly skilled in identifying commercial potential and translating them into live, profitable business entities.

We welcome all opportunities and embrace innovation and never limit ourselves to investing in any specific sector. We evaluate every opportunity on its merit and potential to grow.


Fortifia believes in investing in our planet has purchased 600,000 m2 of Rain Forest near Rio de Janeiro, which we will preserve and not build on, protecting and preserving its biodiversity.

We believe in reforestation and every decision we make we ask ourselves how it will impact our planet and our natural resources.


    An integral part of our culture revolves around empowering people in realizing their businesses potential.


    We have a multi-functional team of business professionals with diverse backgrounds from all over the world.


Our specialty is start-up businesses; however we will invest in companies at all stages of their business cycle.