Our Way of Working

Our team of professionals is on hand to facilitate the growth process of our companies whilst dealing with today’s challenging market conditions.

  • Integrated Support Network

    Through our Integrated Support Network, we facilitate growth and knowledge transfer to our subsidiaries achieving economies of scale as well as unmatched quality across our investment portfolio.

    The Integrated Support Network consists of Financial Planning, Industry Expertise, Business Development & Strategic Counselling, Strategic Marketing and Recruitment aid that our subsidiaries can benefit from.

  • Industry Expertise

    With our Integrated Support Network we possess a team of business professionals who offer a wealth of managerial experience and specialised expertise across a variety of industry sectors. The team aids the businesses’ management with the tools of the trade and industry insight necessary to make both informed day-to-day as well as strategic business decisions.

  • Business Development & Strategic Counseling

    We offer a turnkey framework for strategic consulting that helps our ventures achieve their goals and objectives. Our strategic counselling framework covers all critical stages of development in any given business, which ranges from intellectual property (IP) management, strategic planning, investment strategy formulation, licensing, R&D, to regional and international expansion plans. We ensure that the core business areas and touch points are strategically optimized to achieve a desired ROI as well as maintain a sustainable growth roadmap towards profitability.

  • Strategic Marketing

    We also offer strong and scalable strategic marketing support to ensure that any given business penetration or operation in a given market is thoroughly guided and navigated with the proper set of tools and resources.
    We offer a variety of marketing related support services ranging from creative development, group strategy sessions, strategic marketing planning, all of which enable our ventures to gain market share, build brand equity and measure returns on your marketing investments.

  • Recruitment

    We employ an industry-specific recruitment framework aimed at identifying and aligning specialised expertise in the right places of the organization. Highly committed towards the empowering our people, we ensure that a swift, specialised, and thorough decision-making model is pursued both operationally and strategically.

  • Financial Planning

    Our hands-on approach focuses on ensuring a thorough mind-set and culture is in place and geared towards successful financial management of our investment portfolio across a spectrum of investment stages.

    Whether it is a strategic venture valuation, ROI analysis, risk management or business model management, we encapsulate a comprehensive financial planning model that is driven towards achieving venture-wide financial goals optimized towards strategic returns on investment and sound business controls.

How we develop and grow our businesses

We follow a seven-step process to grow and develop businesses:

  • Define the potential business
  • Develop or analyze the business plan
  • Improve performance
  • Harness your talent
  • Market and develop strong brands
  • Focus on company results
  • Optimize returns on existing business

Our specialty is start-up businesses; however we will invest in companies at all stages of their business cycle.