Selection Process

We generate a large number of investment ideas across our global platform and through our network. At Fortifia, we believe in a dynamic and decisive approach to investment and  operate a straight forward and effective business model. Our new ventures come to us in two ways:

As a result of our business development managers recognizing and capitalizing on potential opportunities that arise from studying industry trends and economic conditions.

Through a direct approach from private entrepreneurs or enterprises seeking to partner with us – not only for capital investment but also for our practical expertise and local knowledge that we can contribute.

  • Think you have a feasible business plan?

    We are always looking for determined, practical and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance, support and investment.

If an investment is sufficiently well developed, it is brought before our internal investment team who then assess the opportunity based on the below criteria:

  • Is the company in one of our sectors of industry expertise?
  • Do we have insight into the risks and opportunities for growth?
  • Is it within our targeted size range?
  • Is it a market leader with potential to grow?
  • Is it a global company or does it have the potential to be one?
  • Can we add value to the management and governance?
  • Is this a sustainable business?

Submit an Investment Opportunity

If you have an investment opportunity you’d like us to consider, we ask for the following information:

  • Historical annual or quarterly financials for as long as the company has been in operation
  • Investor presentation and/or business plan
  • Detailed capitalization table, including pre-money for each financing round
  • Legal documents from the most recent financing round
  • Term sheet for the current financing round
  • Make contact with us and we will let you know where to email it.


Our review process is simple::

  • We review your documents to make sure we have all the information we need, reaching out to you if we are missing anything.

  • We run your information through our objective model to determine whether your company is a good fit for us.

  • If your company is not a good fit, we aim to notify you within two weeks (often sooner) by email or telephone. If it may be a good fit for us, we request phone interviews with one or more of the investors and with company management. We may also have a few additional questions.

  • We make our decision shortly after completing these interviews and inform the company confidentially by email or telephone. Assuming no scheduling conflicts, this will typically occur within two weeks of us receiving your initial documents.

  • Prior to closing, we conduct legal review of the documents, conduct background checks on key members of management, and complete other final diligence as necessary.


While our process is fast and simple for entrepreneurs, it is also highly selective. Because our model is designed to create a portfolio with very specific characteristics, we will pass on the majority of investments we review. That said, we recognize that a number of the opportunities which we decline will prove to be highly successful companies.

What To Expect If We Invest

  • We will participate as a board member or observer during your board meetings.
  • Receive quarterly and annual updates provided to other investors (financials, capitalization tables, board materials and other information).
  • Hold short phone updates with management on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Be in contact with key investors on a periodic basis.
  • In return, we respond promptly to any required votes or signatures. We also offer transparency regarding our intention to participate in follow-on rounds—typically following lead investors in our initial investment round pro-rata up to a reserve cap that we state at the outset.

Our specialty is start-up businesses; however we will invest in companies at all stages of their business cycle.