Fortifia Delivered Project

Cyborg Forest

The CYBORG FOREST© is a patented project based in a new concept of FORESTIFICATION within desert areas, which uses modern mechanic and agricultural technologies to improve water supply and soil quality, thus overcoming the natural deficiencies of a desert area. This new concept can establish a dense forest ecosystem under harsh desert conditions using human actions and technology to increase human quality of life. It is the exact opposite concept of desertification.

Fortifia Delivered Project

Coco legal

Coco Legal has no preservatives, stabilizers or additives. It is simply 100% natural coconut water, frozen and delivered directly to you.

Fortifia Delivered Project

JV’s for Investments

  • Private Equity Structuring;
  • Investment Funds;
  • Agro-business Management;
  • Angel Capital;
  • Strategic Assets;
  • JV with Atlantes & Arca Urbana;
  • Angel Capital;
Fortifia Delivered Project

Rio Incubator

Fortifia has an exclusive relationship with an incubator company located in Rio de Janeiro that funnels potential deals ripe for national development or international export.

Our specialty is start-up businesses; however we will invest in companies at all stages of their business cycle.